Who We Are

Pacific Hospitalist Associates (PHA) is a single specialty group of Internal Medicine hospitalists. We specialize in the care of the adult hospitalized patient. We carefully evaluate patients in emergency room to determine the need for admission to the hospital. PHA physicians then care for patients from the emergency room to the intensive care unit and on to the medical/surgical floors. We work closely with case management to ensure the patient has an appropriate discharge plan and follow up is arranged. We communicate with the patient’s primary physician to ensure he or she has knowledge of the patient’s hospitalization. We have received high marks in patient and physician satisfaction.

Career Satisfaction

Pacific Hospitalists Associates is a physician led and owned Professional Corporation. PHA is owned by the physicians in the practice caring for patients. We believe the best way to motivate physicians to help build the practice is by making them partners and owners. Our physicians are involved in the day to day operations and decisions of our practice. PHA physicians share in the rewards of the success of the company. This formula is definately working as our annual physician turnover rate is less than 5% compared to a national average for hospitalists of 11-15%. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about a career with Pacific Hospitalist Associates.